About Us

Sanaye Garma Gostar (SGG) Ltd with its principal focus on being the best boiler and environmental solutions company serving the power generation and industrial markets, both locally and internationally, with innovation and enthusiastic response.

To carry out this mission we have five business units that serve these markets, namely: Package Boilers, Industrial Watertube Boilers, Utility Boilers & Environmental, Manufacturing and Air Pollution Control. Our engineering teams use the latest computational fluid dynamics technology and also have finite element analysis, thermal-, circulation- and solid-modeling capabilities.

Our Package Boilers business unit designs, manufactures, installs, maintains and retrofits firetube boilers and associated equipment. Steam outputs up to 32 t/h and design pressures up to 32 bar are available. Designs include: coal/biomass-fired boilers with chaingrate stokers, wood-fired boilers with fixed grates, oil/gas-fired boilers and custom designed waste-heat boilers. Ancillary equipment such as deaerators, coal and ash handling plant, pipework, instrumentation and controls, are also included in the product range. In addition we have an energy management department for customers who outsource their non-core business such as steam production.
Our Industrial Watertube Boilers business unit designs, manufactures, installs, maintains and retrofits watertube boilers and associated equipment. Boiler capacities are up to 320 t/h at 110 bar and 540 deg C. Designs include: biomass/fossil fuel-fired boilers with traveling grate and CAD spreader stokers; fibrous fuel-fired boilers with CAD spreader stokers for dual-fuel firing, as well as pinhole and dump grates; CFB boilers; industrial oil/gas-fired and waste-heat boilers.
Our Utility Boilers & Environmental business unit is experienced in the manufacture, installation, maintenance and retrofitting of utility watertube boilers. Our reference footprint covers some 30 boilers in Eskom and local municipalities. In addition, we specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and/or retrofit and maintenance of emission control plant for coal-fired boilers. This includes fabric filter plant, electrostatic precipitators, flue-gas conditioning and desulphurisation plants. We have retrofitted fabric filter plant on utility boilers ranging from 200 MW to 600 MW.
Our factory near Cape Town was established in 1954 and is one of the top facilities of its kind in South Africa, covering an area of 25 000 m2, with a lifting capacity of up to 100 tons. Coupled with our expertise associated with the manufacture of boiler plant, pressure vessels and related products that incorporate heat transfer technology, we also manufacture high integrity heavy fabrications for the Utility, Petrochemicals, Sugar, Pulp and Paper Industries and others.
Our Air Pollution Control business unit concentrates on the industrial, mining and mineral sectors of the market. We design, supply, install, commission, service, maintain and retrofit plant such as: reverse-pulse bag filters, reverse-air baghouses, wet scrubbers, cyclones, shaker type and silo vent filters, as well as pressurisation units for the clean-up of emissions resulting from the firing of fuels or other processes which result in waste emissions to atmosphere. Our product range also includes HVAC and dust suppression systems.
As part of our on-going quality program, we have an SABS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems listing. The listing includes design, which forms a major part of our business and further ensures that our customers are provided with a quality product. We have been serving the South African industry for 80 years, staying abreast of technological development and playing an innovative role in the engineering field. We have established an international reputation with exports to the African continent and its associated islands, Europe, USA, South America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.