Human Resources

Human resources strategy


At JOHN THOMPSON, we firmly believe that meeting people's career ambitions is the best possible guarantee for satisfying our customers' expectations.

Here are the basic opportunities we provide you with at JOHN THOMPSON:

  • Operate in a multi-cultural environment
  • Lead major projects
  • Connect to a wealth of expertise
  • Join a leading-edge company
  • Grow as a global manager
  • Develop your leadership
  • Take advantage of mobility

These are much more than an array of simple guidelines for us.

Our experience has shown that they make JOHN THOMPSON the best place to truly satisfy your professional expectations.



  • ACTOM has 32 % black ownership
  • Is an accredited BEE Contractor to ESKOM
  • We are in the process of being aligned with government BBBEE initiations

Social responsibility

JOHN THOMPSON's Corporate and Social Responsibilty

JOHN THOMPSON exists to create value over the long term. It is in the company’s own economic interest to act responsibly in order to protect and enhance its environment.

Its people are participating in and contributing to the lives of their local communities in a rich variety of different ways.

Initiatives include:

  • Cultural and sports sponsorship
  • Children’s competitions to raise awareness of environmental issues
  • Supply of IT infrastructure/educational materials (eg cyber cafes)
  • Donations and charity work
  • Research partnerships with universities
  • Partnerships with NGOs
  • Environmental conservation projects and awareness-raising campaigns
  • Direct and indirect job creation (local procurement programmes)
  • Manages involvement with its communities at both country and site level. Because social and environmental factors can vary so much from site to site, it is our policy to respect national differences and specific cultural behaviours.