Package Boilers

Sanaye Garma Gostar (SGG) Package Boilers business unit is led by a dedicated team of engineers with many years' experience in the steam industry. Our business is based on internationally competitive technology, price and delivery, and provides the full spectrum of steam services to our customers in South Africa and many export markets. In addition to our range of trademarked boilers we also buy, remanufacture and sell used boilers to a standard that carries the JOHN THOMPSON guarantee.

Firetube shell boiler designs include: coal/biomass-fired boilers with chaingrate stokers, wood-fired boilers with fixed grates and oil/gas-fired boilers, as well as custom-designed waste-heat boilers. All boilers are designed and manufactured to the latest European Standard, EN12953, for a design pressure of 1100 kPa (Designs are also available up to 2 500 kPa). 

With the exception of the Redipac range, all boilers are of the three-pass, conventional firetube wetback design with spiral-tubes in both tube passes. Flanged end-plates in place of flat end-plates are features on selected boilers to eliminate tee-butt weld joints. This  reduces susceptibility to corrosion fatigue and extends boiler life. Our latest spiral-tube technology is used throughout the boiler ranges. 

With heat transfer up to 100% greater than normal plain tubes this feature reduces the flue-gas outlet temperature to only 15 deg C above steam saturation temperature. For coal-fired boilers this enables a thermal efficiency of 85% with NCV 26 500 kJ/kg to be achieved and 10 kg steam per kg coal. Our latest Micropac energy management system to increase efficiency is a feature on coal- fired boilers reducing operating and maintenance costs significantly.

The development and testing of our package boilers and associated equipment is carried out at our head office and test centre near Cape Town. This is a fully operational facility with coal/biomass-fired, oil/gas-fired and low voltage electrode boilers.

As a world-class, internationally competitive industrial boiler manufacturer in the export market we are a major player in the globalisation of South African industry. A network of agents and offices in Africa, Europe, South-East Asia, the Middle East, South America and Australia support this program.

Our low voltage electrode boilers are available with outputs up to 1.8 MW (2 900 kg/h). Robust design and construction ensures long life, and the total package incorporates feed water pump, controls and all necessary valves and fittings. The full range of support services include: installation and project management, commissioning, maintenance and full spares availability.

For improved boilerplant efficiency either through increased steam output or a reduction in fuel usage, we can offer customers on-site advice and upgrading solutions.  We can install our spiral tubes, latest chaingrate stokers, improved flue-gas emission control plant, latest control systems and whatever else is required to improve boiler performance and reduce operating costs. Our boilers are designed to facilitate conversions when there is a need to change from coal-firing to biomass-, oil-, gas- or dual-fuel firing. Engineered solutions are also offered so that conversions can be carried out on site with minimum downtime.